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I have been a possionate advocate of new ways of studying fundamental phenomena. I supported Jon Colemans Interferomety experiments, and hope to play a role on MAGIS . I  helped initiate the succesful £30M QTFP call in the UK and the AION concept.


Building g-2 I was motivated by Yannis Semertzidis to look at the a proton EDM proposal. We tried to get this at CERN. Its a brilliant idea and we are involved in supporting its activity and hope the experiment will br built, perhaps at  BNL.

Machine Learning

For the  last 5 years my LHCb colleaghues and I have been  working on trying to find techniques to solve the compute crisis in HEP. A solution is to compress traditional algorithms into compact NNs and deploy them in parallel, either on FPGAs or ASICs. This is active branch of research on LHCb.

HPLV Ventilator/COVID

In 2020 the COVID crisis hit. I helped initiated the CERN HEV ventilator project. A development of this has been funded by the UK (GCRF). I have served on the CERN against Covid taskforce and WHO's expert respiratory panel.

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