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Detectors and


Whilst at Harvard I designed an experiment, MITHRAS, MIT Harvard Reactor Axion Search to searh for low mass axions. I also proposed cylindrical Pestov chambers (CYSPAC)  counters for ps TOF at SSC.


By 1997 it was clear that serious computing power was necessary to simulate  and optimize the LHCb detector. With Tony Moreton, I designed a COTS supercomputer, MAP,  that could outperform CERN. It's successor MAP2 reached #22 in the world rankings.

In 2000, with Tony Burton and Thierry Mertens from WHO  we  proposed to create an international platform for simulation and informing public health. A key motivator was we we were now able, with MAP, to consider microsimulation of the entire globe.

Development of MAP also led to work with Dennis Kehoe on creating AiMeS. An institute for bringing new CPU power to SME and enterprise business. AiMeS later became a successful organization.

I was lucky enough to be able to use MAP for even more diverse applications. In particular Antoinette Renoufs amazing Webcorp that treats the Web as a linguistic corpus.

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